Woody Allen, the funny side


Allen Stewart Könisberg, that’s how his teachers used to call him. That was before he decided to take Woody Allen for a pseudonym, as his humorist career started. Woody Herman being a clarinettist he loves.

Because yes. Woody Allen first was a humorist. And yes, he’s a huge fan of jazz. You might get that after seeing a couple of his films. And above all, he is a talented clarinettist. Playing every week with his New Orleans Jazz Bans in Manhattan, he also went on tour with them. About that one, go watch the surprising documentary Barbara Koople made: Wild Man Blues.

Let me get to the point now: Woody Allen as a comic. Woody, yes, the one kids used to call Red as   he went to school. Indeed, at that time, Woody was a jewish, puny, little redhead, playing cards and doing magic tricks to keep the bad kids on his side. Already, his hesitating yet determined manners had him writing jokes for the papers of the corner. That’s when Sid Ceaser, a famous scenarist then, recruits him. At only 20 years old, he starts writing comic sketches. He also tries to study communcation and cinema, but eventually gives it up, prefering to write tv show scenarios. He starts collaborating we Danny Simon, who will be become a master for his success to come.

From gagman to journalist, Woody takes on any challenge, as long as it conveys this absurd despair of his. The final goal still being: making us laugh out loud. He earns his life from his own irrational nevroses and becomes a celebrity fast. Things work pretty well for him since. Perhaps because whenever you hear of him you feel a little less lonely in front of the great questions of existence. Life feels lighter next with Woody by your side. Because, at the end, we discover how tiny our stupid life looks facing wholly mysteries.

 I am not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

Nowadays, this funny side tends to be forgotten. Just take a look back as such films as Bananas, Everything you always wanted to know about sex, or even Sleeper. You’ll get my point. Yes, eventually, so many words when a few pictures speak for themselves… Whatever, this blog’s useless anyway.

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